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November 8, 2012

November 13! Get the pre-release of my new EP!

Hi friends.

It's easy to get jealous of those super special people who get to do things early:
  • The Academy voters who get to see a movie (at HOME) before it even comes out in the theater 
  • The members of the fan club you didn't even know existed who got the front row tickets to your favorite band's concert before they even went on sale
  • The Game Stop employee who gets a copy of the hottest game a week before it releases to the public
  • The record exec who has your favorite band's album half a year before you can
  • The hot girl who walks past the line and gets into the club without waiting

Well, now you can be that hot girl Game Stop record exec Academy member! Or something like that.

Next week I will be pre-releasing my EP, "The Vast Configuration of Things" exclusively through Bandcamp right here at www.ericcoomer.com. I'd love it if you get it early and, if you enjoy it, start talking it up and telling people about it via social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. (By the way, I'm on all those. Yep. Follow me by clicking on the links at the top right of this page!)  You can brag about how cool you are for getting it early!

I'm really proud of "The Vast Configuration of Things"!  I made it over several months this year with Andrew Osenga and I love the way it turned out. I'm really proud of the music, the lyrics, the production. The whole shebang!

But I need a little more time to release it to stores so I can get reviews and interviews in magazines and blogs. So I'm releasing it later than I thought to stores like iTunes, Amazon and actual record stores (Yes, thank God, they do still exist) so I can do those things. But you will be able to get it next week here! And then...you won't be able to for just a bit.

The record industry has changed. This EP wasn't funded by a record label or some corporation. It was funded 31 generous people mostly on Kickstarter. So, this has been grassroots from the start.

And I still need your help! Here are some ways you can help:
  • Do you have a blog? Write a review! It doesn't matter if its not a music blog. It's still great! Know of another blog where I should be featured? Let me (or them) know!
  • Work in a business that plays music in the background? Play my EP! (And talk to me about selling it there!)
  • Are you able to host a concert or know of somewhere I could play? Let me know!
  • Listen to a radio station that plays independent artists? Tell me and I'll get them my music to them.
  • Do you have a ton of followers on a social network (or even just five)? You can post about the EP there. 
  • Make a video for one of my songs by yourself or with your friends! You could even use a site like GoAnimate or Animoto.
  • Donate a little more than what's asked when you buy my EP! We need all the money we can get to be able to afford marketing and promotion.
  • Above all, pray for me and my family. That's the greatest way you could help us.
Do you have other ideas? Let me know!

The first step is to let your Facebook friends know that they should "Like" me at facebook.com/theericcoomer. I'll be updating there and letting you know how you can help further and what people are doing to help.

Thanks for all of your support! Stay tuned here and to the Facebook page! And make sure to come back next Tuesday!!!



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